Local Farmers & Specialty Suppliers

The Culinary team at the Rib Room strives to incorporate unique and locally sourced ingredients in our menu inspiration and creation wherever and whenever possible.

Covey Rise: Local Produce: coveyrisefarms.com

Dr. Joe's Ducks

Browne Trading Company: Caviar & Specialty Seafood: brownetrading.com

Planet Earth Diversified: Specialty Produce, Micro Greens & Vinegars: planetearthdiversified.com

Linda Arnone: Strawberries, Blueberries & Creole Tomatoes

Gayla’s Grits: Stone Ground Grits: gaylasgrits.com

Georgia Olive Farms: Olive Oil: georgiaolivefarms.com

Mikuni Wild Harvest: Line-hook caught seafood, foraged wild produce: mikuniwildharvest.com

Williams Knife: Custom Cutlery